Gateway Page

To deter cheating, a gateway page has been put up. Click the link below to Finalize your vote.

Enter without voting Enter and vote - We are a European based clan playing Arma 2 and Arma 3, and are looking for players who preferably play both. We are a relaxed group of people, but when needed are serious about training, procedures and working as a team. We aim to be active during the week and the weekends. We have a tactical mindset, but we are definitely not hardcore tactical realism. Like many other clans we incorporate existing tactics into our game play, but we use them in such a way it fits our style of game play. Our focus however is always on teamwork and achieving objectives as a team. People that join our ranks are first taken through Basic Training. They then become privates and if they show proper commitment are soon given the opportunity to assist the clan with a multitude of tasks. As they continue to rise in rank they get even more responsibilities and are eventually given the opportunity to get involved with clan leadership. We also offer our members a set of duty units, jobs performed by members with specific ranks, to assist clan leadership. Our system of ranks, which is entwined with responsibilities and jobs, is based off the US Army ranks. As with the tactics we use we approach the usage of ranks in our clan in a different way than other clans. Just like in many other clans higher ranks get more responsibility, but people do not have to go through lengthy courses to become something. Instead we focus on the experience shown by people and, if needed, help them grow into their role. If you are looking for a clan that does things slightly different than other clans don't hesitate to enlist on our website. Or, if you want some more information about us first, feel free to visit our TeamSpeak server.